Hormone Optimization for Men in Greenville, TX

Men in Greenville can often experience andropause, which is also commonly called “male menopause”. This type of hormonal imbalance in men occurs in about 20 percent of those over age 60, and up to 50 percent of those over age 80. It can lead to a decrease in muscle mass and overall strength, low libido, loss in bone density and risk of osteoporosis, and cognitive impairment. We offer hormone replacement therapy for men in Greenville that can aid them in healthy aging.

What Can We Do for Hormone Balance in Greenville?

Our providers administer therapy known as hormone replacement, which may help to balance and sustain the body’s hormone levels. Hormonal imbalance in men is common as they age. In your body, you may see some changes like difficulty sleeping, loss of libido, weight gain, or low energy. The symptoms can be lessened with hormone replacement therapy for men, because it works to bring balance to levels and achieve hormone optimization.

Effects of Hormone Imbalance on Greenville Men

Men’s hormone levels can greatly decrease as they age, leading to all sorts of uncomfortable side effects like night sweats, loss of energy/fatigue, loss of libido, problems sleeping, foggy thinking, mood changes, and memory loss. The most common hormone that men have trouble with is testosterone, which peaks around age 20 and starts to naturally rapidly decrease after age 30. Loss of testosterone can cause a decline in physical energy, strength, and stamina. Using our hormone optimization in Greenville can assist with achieving a healthy aging process.

Greenville Providers Offering Male Hormone Services

Rebalancing male hormones can be done through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The doses are specific to the patient and can be adjusted to fit the symptoms your body manifests. Hormone levels are temperamental and can vary greatly throughout the day, so it might take multiple readings to determine your “normal” levels. Our providers will work with you to see if an increase or decrease is needed for optimal hormone balance and for you to feel great.

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