Bladder Botox® Treatment for Urinary Incontinence in Greenville, TX

Everyone has heard of injecting Botox into your face to reduce the appearance of aging, but it is also a common and effective way of improving your bladder control. Our doctors at Greenville Women’s Wellness Center are experienced in bladder Botox treatment to help with your incontinence and symptoms. We’ll have your bladder feeling stronger without the fear of leaks. Take care of your bladder health with the urinary incontinence treatment we provide to Greenville.

Using Botox for Urinary Incontinence with Our Greenville Patients

Feel safe and comfortable when you get Botox from our doctors. Our Greenville team has years of education and experience to ensure your procedure goes smoothly. The Botox is injected into your bladder wall to ease nerves that squeeze, giving you the sensation of having to go to the bathroom. There are several different ways we can get you comfort from urinary incontinence and our knowledgeable staff will work with you to decide if Botox is right.

Greenville’s Choice for Botox Bladder Treatment

When other urinary incontinence treatments have failed, our wellness clinic has the options you want. While common treatments might work for some, for others in Greenville bladder control can feel impossible. If you’ve tried a number of methods without success, our Botox solution may decrease your urges and leaks for up to six months. Administering Botox may be harmful if done wrong so come to us for safe and professional treatment.

Compassionate Care in Greenville

Urinary incontinence can be embarrassing and confusing, but our team is on hand to calm your nerves. Every member of our friendly Greenville staff takes the time to get to know you personally so you can have a real connection to the people giving your Botox bladder treatment. You will be able to relax in our warm and inviting atmosphere as we complete your Botox for urinary incontinence procedure and know you are getting top of the line care.

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You deserve care that will leave you feeling healthy and happy for years on end. At Greenville Women’s Wellness Center, we offer a comprehensive range of health services, spanning from bladder Botox to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Our friendly staff works with the most current practices in the industry and goes out of their way to make you, the patient, feel comfortable. You should never underestimate the importance of maintaining your personal health; schedule a visit with our Greenville medical providers today!